TC-25 Polyethylene resin is a prime naturally high density PE copolymer used in the manufacture of CableGuard™ and meets or exceeds the material requirements outlined in the NEC Code-Article 353, ASTM F2160, and NEMA TC-7.  This compound balances ESCR, stiffness, and molecular weight to provide required toughness and crush strength.  Only virgin prime material is used in all CableGuard™ ducts.

CableGuard™ is loaded on all metal reels up to 10 feet.

Destination Unloading disclaimer:

CableGuard™ arrives at your site on lightweight metal reels.  Following a few simple instructions will ensure easy and fast removal of PNA’s CableGuard™ from the shipping container.  Reels can be unloaded at a truck-level shipping dock simply by rolling them off.  If there is no dock, or it is not even with the truck bed, use a forklift to remove the reels.  A single fork extension attached to the forklift will ensure damage-free reel removal.  Do not place the fork extension between the spokes that hold the conduit end – doing this could damage the end of the conduit.  DO NOT PUT REELS ON THEIR SIDES and DO NOT DROP REELS.