Rugged, tough, able to withstand the weather – our CableGuard™ endures the toughest of conditions and keeps you powered up in the field. With CableGuard™ the cables are never pulled or handled except at the termination; all abuse is taken by the tough HDPE conduit. CableGuard™ can be installed at temperatures as low as -10 degrees F and HDPE is resistant to acids, alkali and hydrocarbons.
We stock many 600v combinations and medium voltage cables already installed in conduit for quick
delivery to the site.


CableGuard™ used in almost any underground application provides:

  • Lower initial cost compared to PVC and wire
  • Significant lifetime cost savings compared to direct burial
  • Less equipment & supplies, man hours, and damage to cable
  • Ability to withstand low temperatures
  • Ability to adjust to ground movement and heaving
  • No laying out of cable along the trench
  • No blowing string then pulling wire
  • No expensive factory made elbows, bends & offsets
  • 50% lower coefficient of friction than PVC
  • Gopher resistant at 1 -1/2″ OD and Nutria resistant at 2″ OD
  • Ease of cable upgrades

CIC 2inch 600V URD Alum

CableGuard™ available in lengths up to (weight restrictions and standard cable put-ups may apply):

1″ 14,000′
1-1/4″ 10,000′
1-1/2″ 8,000′
2″ 5,000′
2-1/2″ 3,000′
3″ 2,000′