Faster installations make pre-installed cable in conduit the choice for state DOT street lighting and ITS projects. Custom lengths, based on your needs, can also be produced at the factory. Our products are manufactured to industry standards in Gainesville, Texas, U.S.A. and are RUS listed.

CableGuard™ used in almost any underground application provides:

  • Lower initial cost compared to PVC and wire
  • Significant lifetime cost savings compared to direct burial
  • Less equipment & supplies, man hours, and damage to cable
  • Ability to withstand low temperatures
  • Ability to adjust to ground movement and heaving
  • No laying out of cable along the trench
  • No blowing string then pulling wire
  • No expensive factory made elbows, bends & offsets
  • 50% lower coefficient of friction than PVC
  • Gopher resistant at 1 -1/2″ OD and Nutria resistant at 2″ OD
  • Ease of cable upgrades

CableGuard™ available in lengths up to (weight restrictions and standard cable put-ups may apply):
1″ 14,000′
1-1/4″ 10,000′
1-1/2″ 8,000′
2″ 5,000′
2-1/2″ 3,000′
3″ 2,000′